Hamas, and Iran, are a threat to Palestinians

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Ottawa Citizen

While ground-level coverage of the conflict between Israel and Hamas has been extensive, far too few in the media have asked Hamas spokesmen an obvious question: Why?

Why did Hamas instigate this war by firing hundreds of missiles and mortar shells in the weeks before Israel launched its operation? Why is Hamas continuing to launch missiles despite Israel’s largely successful efforts to shoot them down with the Iron Dome system? Why, on July 15, did Hamas reject an Egyptian ceasefire plan that was endorsed by the United Nations, accepted by Israel, and would have prevented the ground incursion in the first place? And why is Hamas continuing a conflict it is clearly losing and for which its fellow Palestinians have paid so dear a price?

These questions cannot be answered without a clear-eyed examination of Hamas’ motivations and those of one of its chief sponsors: the Islamic Republic of Iran…

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