The Writing on the Wall

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Just a few comments on the absurd theater being played in Russia today.

Here are a few things of note that are likely to become formative of a new storyline that will likely be fed by the Kremlin in the next few days:

  • First, the police try to arrest one of the alleged killers, somewhere in Chechnya. Contrary to logic, they “block him” in his apartment, rather than wait him out and detain him – at much less risk to themselves and to the other inhabitants of the “multistory apartment building”. (as Russian blogger Anton Nosik rightfully observes, “any time that Russian police block someone in their apartment, this has resulted in the blocked alleged criminal dying, one way or the other“; never in them being actually caught. Predictably, the alleged co-killer, Beslan Shavanov, blows himself up with a grenade, The information about this suicidal act is…

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