No, Putin has not “won.”

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Russia Without BS

As you might expect, I’ve been getting a lot of different opinions about Russia in Syria lately. One reader asked me to talk about the topic of American conservatives who are anti-Putin but who are now berating Obama for being “weak” compared to the Russian leader. It is said by some, though not all conservative, that Putin has “won” or “outplayed” Obama. I can’t say I’ve encountered a lot of these opinions, but they are bullshit for several reasons.

Let me start with the conservatives who both hate Putin while simultaneously whacking it to his picture in private. First of all, if you find Putin to be “tough,” “imposing,” “decisive,” etc., you are terribly ignorant about Russia and Putin. Apart from his Judo black belt, Putin is a small man with a soft voice whose wife left him and whose daughters prefer to spend most of their time outside of…

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