NovoRossiya Security Fail

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To Inform is to Influence

One of the NovoRossiyans who “registered”, fooled by a 15 year old.

Sasha, a 15-year old boy, was forced to leave his native Donetsk, Ukraine and move to Lviv after the occupation by Russian forces, mercenaries and terrorists, designed and put online the website.

The website predominantly targeted Russian and Ukrainian mercenaries who joined the army of Novorossiya.

This website was designed to ‘distribute aid among veterans’. It also gathered data of volunteers who were ready to provide aid to militants who fought for Novorossiya.

But there was a trick. In order to start using this website a person had to fill in a registration form, because the website ‘contained sensitive information that could not be shared in the public domain’ “Ukrainians can find out our secrets”. “We should take necessary precautions”.

Results of this operation: Sasha gathered data on 2,027 militants, including names, noms de guerre, emails, etc.

He passed this…

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